Surrounded by drunks

In a few minutes, I’m gonna get picked up by my friend for the beginning of a weekend when all of my friends are gonna be wasted and I’m going to be completely sober. Fun times. Although I would like to get drunk with them, I’m actually quite looking forward to it. The only thing I’m a bit worried about is there’s gonna be tons of people I don’t know there and won’t have alcohol to help as it’s usual social lubricant.

I’m determined to stay sober thisweekend though. I think I’ve mentioned before that I try and go out and not drink much occasionally. Normally those occasions end up in me being twice as wasted as normal. 

Luckily, I often seem to get passively intoxicated. When I’m around people who have been drinking, even when I haven’t been, I get to the same kind of hyperness I have when I’m tipsy.

Here’s to a fun (sober) night!