Clothes unwashed and post unopened
Songs unfinished, vows now broken
Shame on me
I could be so better than I am
If I could just relax then I could admit
I don’t know what I want
But this is not it
If I could just recall the dreams I had as a kid
If I could just relax
If I could just let my guard slip
I’d be such a winner.

~Frank Turner, “Must Try Harder”

Never listened to this one too closely until it got stuck in my head today.  I’m really feeling it right now.

I feel like this 90% of the tlme.

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I apologize to those of a nervous disposition.

My friend just got back from 3 weeks travelling around south-east Asia. I miss it so much. They brought back me a present though. Laos Snake Whisky. Pictures to follow.

こんにちわ はじめまして わたし わ Richard です わたし は igirisu の okksufo-do から きたしもて よろしく おねがい します

I think is an introduction in Japanese…

My Japanese is coming along okay. I’ve managed to teach myself how to read hiragana which was further than I ever got with Thai. Although, my spoken Thai is still better than my spoken Japanese at the moment.

P.S I’m still struggling a bit with dipthongs but hopefully I’ll get the hang of them with more practice.

It’s an underground river that has risen up through the high water levels.

It’s an underground river that has risen up through the high water levels.

Stupid weather. Last month was ridiculous with loads of roads closed due to being underwater. This month has been worse even though they’ve managed to stop the roads flooding. Loads of trees have fallen down the lane where I walk my dogs. Half of the fence to my back garden came down last night. Somehow the barn which my agility club it’s equipment has been flooded inside. Earlier this week there was a puddle about 2 feet deep surrounding the building but at least that was outside….

I found today that I passed the phone interview for Interac and have been invited to attend the seminar in March. :D

My phone interview with Interac seemed to go fairly well. Slight issue of me having tattoos. Thankfully, they’re on my foot and behind my right shoulder. So they should always be covered. I’ll see how it’s affected me application with the next 2 days.

I have a phone interview with Interac tomorrow. Ridiculously nervous.